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Welcome to, and thank you for visiting the Harvest Outdoor Ministries, Inc. website. Hope you enjoy the site and visit it often.

The Harvest Outdoor Ministries team is made up of Jon Paul Moody and Rusty Farmer. These two sportsmen are simply using what they have, where they are to enlarge the kingdom of Christ. Jon Paul and Rusty have discovered creative ways to use the gifts and interests they have for the cause of Christ. Both skilled sportsmen have abounding experience, unmatched knowledge, outstanding hunting/calling skills and a love for the outdoors. With these qualities, coupled with a sincere heart and passion for Jesus Christ, they (along with the Creator) form a productive, powerful team for God's Kingdom.

Harvest Outdoor Ministries, Inc was founded in 1999, out of seeing the need to reach sportsmen (young and old) with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; “Preparing Men for the Harvest.” Harvest Outdoor Ministries uses the platform of hunting and the outdoors to evangelize sportsmen in variety of ways; such as speaking at Wild Game Dinners, Beasts Feasts, Outdoor Expos, Outdoor Extravaganzas, Sportsmen’s Nights, Hunters Night Out, Hunter Education Courses, and also offering guided hunts. Check out the “Calendar” tab to see where the Harvest team has recently been and where they will be going.


Harvest Outdoor Ministries is a 501C-3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible and will be receipted for tax purposes.