Harvest Outdoor Ministries

About Rusty Farmer

Raised along the banks of the Big Sandy River, Rusty Farmer had plenty of opportunities to experience some of the finest hunting and fishing West Tennessee has to offer. The success stories of Rusty’s time spent in the outdoors began traveling throughout his community when Rusty was just a youngster. As an early adolescent, a feature story detailing the impressive whitetail harvest of Rusty, his dad and younger brother appeared in Henry County’s local newspaper. From that point on, the majority of sportsmen in the area began to recognize the “Farmer Hunting Trio” as some of the most successful outdoorsmen around.

Since killing his first 130-class buck on a juvenile hunt as a ten-year-old until now, Rusty has tagged a half-dozen bucks scoring in the 130s or better, with his most recent buck recognized in the Tennessee Whitetail Registry. Now as a guide with Harvest Outdoor Ministries, Rusty is assisting novice and veteran hunters alike with opportunities to harvest their own trophy bucks.

More than his hunting accomplishments, Rusty values his relationship with the Lord. When he was ten years old, Rusty accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Since then, Rusty has continued his spiritual walk within the ministry serving as a deacon, Student Ministries Team Leader and Sunday School teacher. In 2001, he joined Jon Paul Moody of Harvest Outdoor Ministries in an effort to reach people for Christ through the platform of hunting and the outdoors.

Rusty lives in Springville, Tennessee, with his wife, Candise. He is a Realtor with Moody Realty Company in Paris.